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The Innovado moves to the silage clamp by itself, cuts the feed, automatically cleans the silage clamps, mixes, moves back to the barn, pushed the feed into the feeding passage and returns to the silage clamp, all without the help of a driver. The Innovado feeds unassisted, straight from the silage clamp. The Innovado (vertically) cuts the feed layer by layer; the maximum cutting depth is set at 18 cm. This leaves a smooth silage face with a very low risk of an increase in temperature that could result in heating inside the clamp. The Innovado has sensors for continuously scanning the surrounding area. SiS Scanners of the Innovado will detect any foreign objects in the path in a timely manner and, if this happens, immediately stop the machine.

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Schuitemaker's automatic feeding system: Fully automatic roughage dispensing, straight ‘from the silage clamp to the cow’!  


The system

The Innovado is linked to a feed management programme designed to set up the ration. The feed management programme uses wireless transmission to convey this information in real time to the SiS computer of the Innovado. The SiS computer responds to this by starting the motor of the Innovado at the right time. Once the Innovado has arrived at the silage clamp, the scanners take control and point to the exact position for the feed to be taken from the clamp. After the feeding session, the dairy farmer will be able to study the feed efficiency in the feed management programme.



The Innovado moves unassisted, while the path of the machine inside the barn is set out by way of transponders; outside the barn it is controlled by means of RTK-GPS.


The cutting arm

The mixing chamber is filled by the conveyor belt in the cutting arm. The maximum working height of the Innovado in the cutting process is 4.8 metres.


Retain structure

Cutting and loading the fresh roughage is controlled by a uniquely designed cutting system. In the process of taking the roughage from the clamp, the Innovado uses a cutting method that preserves the structure of the feed.


The intake auger

The intake auger is used to add any (bulk) products. The Innovado has been programmed in a way that "cleaning action" is triggered prior to loading the feed. That means the machine starts by first of all loading any spilt feed that may still be lying in front of the silage clamp. Thanks to the cleaning action, the Innovado restricts the loss of feed to an absolute minimum. The Innovado can also be used to retrieve all kinds of (bulk) products (such as bales, pressed beet pulp, pellets, brewers’grains, etc.) without the need for extra bunker systems or feed kitchens in the farm yard.


Liquid components and concentrates

The Innovado has a chute for liquid components and concentrates. With a wireless connection, the Innovado can also be used to remotely control concentrate silos by loading dry and wet components as well as minerals.


The mixing chamber

The 6 m3 mixing chamber has two vertical augers and a weighing system for the preparation of an airy and properly mixed ration. The advanced weighing system takes care of loading the correct amount of feed. The Innovado is able to accurately load the ration to the nearest kilogram. The mixing process begins while the Innovado is loading; this requires only low power.



The Innovado moves to the group where the feed ration is meant for. A wireless connection will automatically open the doors to the barn. The Innovado calculates the feed distribution in kg per meter for even distribution along the entire length of the feed fence. The feed distribution will then start at the right spot and on the right side. The feed is taken to the feeding passage via the mixing chamber, the dose slide and the cross-conveyor.


The cross-conveyor

The Innovado can unload the feed on either side of the machine, both on the left and on the right hand side, so it can also be used in narrow passages.


Hydraulic driven feed slide

The feed will be pushed together during the feed movements.



The machine has sensors for continuously scanning the surrounding area. SiS Scanners of the Innovado will detect any foreign objects in the path in a timely manner and, if this happens, immediately stop the machine. The Innovado has also been fitted with extra safety bumpers all around (redundancy). Cutting will take place in a no-go zone. And finally, the Innovado has been fitted with a manual emergency stop that can be activated from any side of the machine. The safety system runs independently from any other system and it will overrule in the event of an imminent danger.


Existing barn? Newly built barn? Not a problem!

The Innovado can be implemented in just about any type of barn. The only adjustment to an existing barn is the installation of a set of transponders. The Innovado can also be used for more than one barn at once. In other words, the machine can be used for dairy cows as well as in the young stock shed. The system is particularly suitable to fit in with the dairy farmer's future development plans without the need for massive capital expenditure for a feeding system.




Capacity DIN
Loading capacity
Dimensions (LxWxH)
Maximum height
55 kW
8 m3
2100 kg
670x230x320 cm
480 cm

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